Transforming people's lives,
one closet at a time

Professional Organizer

less is more

Addressing emotional attachment, making suggestions about charitable organizations and maximizing storage space are just a few of the ways that clutter consultant and Professional Organizer Alison Roberts can help you.

Whether it's your home or office, Alison has

  • More than seven years experience clearing out clutter
  • Worked with Realtors to prepare a home for sale
  • A Master's degree in Psychology
  • Free tip sheets

Getting organized and releasing items you know longer use or love is a liberating experience that will transform your life.

Professional Speaker

multi-media presentations

A sought after keynote speaker, Alison Roberts has entertained crowds from 50 to 500. She is a graduate of the Canadian Association of Professional Speaker's Fast Track program, and enjoys traveling across Canada, British Columbia and Vancouver Island to engage audiences.

She speaks at

  • Employee health and wellness seminars
  • Annual Association meetings
  • Conferences and Special Events

People who have heard Alison speak consistently comment that she provides practical strategies that are immediately applicable; she speaks passionately about her subject and is adept at engaging audience members.


Provocative Prose

Alison Roberts recently published her first book, Clutter's Dirty Secret and has sent thousands of people scurrying to their closets to sort through their stuff. She is also the narrator of Move Less Stuff, an instructional, audio CD for people about to move.

Alison writes from her personal experiences with clutter and

  • Advocates a more authentic, simplistic lifestyle
  • Suggests behavioural patterns and organizational strategies that work
  • Free articles

Alison is eager to discuss the effects of living in a consumer culture and being bombarded by advertising images on a daily basis. She has had three articles published in Moods Magazine and several printed in various home & living / health & wellness publications.