Alison Roberts published Clutter’s Dirty Secret, an auto-biographical examination of all things cluttered, in the fall of 2007. With her partner, who doubled as the mechanic and a/v technician, they set out on a promotional book tour through northern BC in a van that ran on recycled vegetable oil. During the tour, she sent thousands of people scurrying to their closets to sort through their stuff. In this book, Alison writes from the heart, sharing her personal experiences with clutter while

  • Advocating a more authentic, simplistic lifestyle
  • Suggesting behavioural patterns and organizational strategies that work
  • Recommending community resources

Alison has had numerous articles published including a series of three in Moods Magazine, and several in various home & living / health & wellness publications. Visit the media room to read more. To book Alison for a speaking engagement click here. She is also the narrator of Move Less Stuff, an instructional, audio CD for people about to move. To purchase a copy of the CD click here.

Clutter's Dirty Secret

When people take the time to sort through their belongings they realize they have been living someone else’s life. We have been brainwashed by advertisers and corporations and often we work at jobs we despise in order to buy more stuff. Clutter’s Dirty Secret reveals the impact of living in a consumer culture and provides practical strategies to pare down our possessions. As a result, people are reminded of what is important in their lives: health, relationships and community.

Clutter’s Dirty Secret explores what other organizers don’t even touch: the true source of our physical, emotional and mental clutter. In addition to quotes and resources (print, video and web) this political rant includes

  • 26 practical strategies to eliminate clutter
  • advice the mainstream media would prefer you didn’t know
  • life changing secrets of a naïve consumer turned advertising critic
  • life-expanding benefits that will keep you motivated and change the way you live

Move Less Stuff

When our lives become crowded with clothes that don’t fit, paper that is no longer relevant and gifts that we are hanging onto out of guilt or obligation, the energy in our homes becomes stale and tired. If we continue to hang on to these items, or even worse, box them up and bring them with us to our next home, we run the risk of having past issues and baggage follow us to our new home.

It is very difficult to “turn over a new leaf” or begin a new chapter in our lives if we are surrounded by reminders of past relationships, failed attempts at some sport or hobby or stuff that we have inherited and never liked. Take the time now to sort through your belongings and you will be rewarded in numerous and varied ways, from improved health and creativity, increased vitality, wealth and energy.

Helping People Get Organized, One Closet at a Time

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