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In the Press

Get it Together, Georgia Straight Living, Winter 2007
Cull your stuff, find storage fixes and breathe easy...

Spring Cleaning, Coast Lines Magazine, Mar Apr 2007
Spring is a natural time of year to re-new your surroundings and take stock

Moving Forward, Senior Living Magazine, June 2007
Moving house is the perfect time to reassess belongings and clear the clutter

Clearing Clutter / Creating Space, Marriage Magazine, Summer 2007
Making a difference in your life, one drawer at a time

The effects of Consumer Culture, Moods Magazine, Spring 2007
How media affects our spending and why retail therapy doesn't work

Capitalism + Consumption = Clutter, the Island Word, March 2007
People have been brainwashed and are not living an authentic life

Clutter – the paper trail of modern living, Moods Magazine, Summer 2006
Dealing with paper regularly in order to eliminate clutter

Clutter: set the mood, Moods Magazine, Spring 2006
How the state of our physical environment contributes to our energy levels, clarity of thought and resiliency

Clearing out clutter is more than cleaning, the Comox Valley Record, December 22, 2006
It's all about having too much stuff

Streamline move by eliminating clutter, the Comox Valley Record, November 11, 2005
Clutter costs time and money when people move their households

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